Six Goals to Financial Success

Lumina International recognises that every client is different. In order to deliver what each client needs it is important that a partnership is formed between Lumina International and yourself. In order to assist and obtain financial success these six points should be considered along our journey together.


1. Introduction

Who are Lumina International, and can we provide you with the quality of professional service you require?

2. Client Analysis

What are your goals, aspirations, concerns and apprehensions?

3. Research and Designs

Lumina International will analyse and design strategy options that meet your needs. We will independently research products and services that suite your personalised investment strategy. Finally preparing an individual statement of advice.

4. Presentation and Education

Presentation and education of your personalised financial strategy. Your understanding and ownership of this strategy is of utmost importance.

5. Implementation

Your Lumina International adviser will help you with the implementation of the recommendations proposed for your personal investment strategy.

6. Review

Once your strategy has been implemented, your Lumina adviser will keep in contact with you on a regular basis to stay abreast of any changes within your personal life and to ensure the appropriateness of your original strategy.